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X-rays allow Dr. Lance Porter and the team at Porter Dental Health Clinic to diagnose and treat problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and abnormal lesions that are undetectable to the naked eye. The ability to diagnose and treat dental problems earlier can save patients valuable time, money and unnecessary discomfort. It can also save teeth from needing to be extracted and replaced with restorations.

In the past few decades, countless dentists have switched from traditional X-rays to digital X-rays for the benefits to the patient and practice. Digital X-rays have helped streamline the diagnostic and treatment process in our own office, and our patients greatly appreciate how easy and unobtrusive they are.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Less Radiation – Digital X-rays produce 80 percent less radiation than a traditional X-ray. Although traditional X-rays are considered safe, digital X-rays are regarded as even safer.

Sharper – The image quality of digital X-rays is much sharper than traditional X-rays. They can also be manipulated in terms of increasing or decreasing contrast or magnifying certain areas of concern without causing any distortion or loss of quality. A current set of X-rays can easily be compared to a previous set to look for even the smallest changes to the tooth structure.

Faster – Digital X-rays do not require film processing. There is no need to wait around and waste time while the image is processed.

Easy to Share – Digital X-rays can be easily shared via email with different specialists at different locations. They can also be easily stored so they are less likely to go misplaced (or degrade over time, like traditional X-rays).

The Dental X-Ray Process: What to Expect

Dental X-Ray Hot Springs AR

You do not need to do anything special to prepare for a digital dental X-ray. Prior to taking the X-rays, the hygienist will place a lead vest across your chest to protect you from the small amounts of radiation produced.

There are a few different types of X-rays that capture different views of your teeth and mouth. For example, a bitewing X-ray involves you biting down on a special paper so your dentist can assess how the crowns of your teeth match up. An occlusal X-ray captures all of your teeth in one shot. A panoramic X-ray involves the machine rotating around your head so your dentist can look at your wisdom teeth or suspected jaw problems.

The hygienist will explain each step to you and advise whether you need to position your head a certain way or bite down on a special piece of paper. You will need to hold still while the images are captured.



The images should be ready almost instantly, and the hygienist and/or dentist will review them with you. If they detect any problems, they can discuss your treatment options.

How often you need X-rays depends on factors such as your age, oral health and whether you have any potential dental problems. If you experience any pain or other troubling symptoms, you may need to have extra X-rays taken.

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