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Losing your teeth, whether by dental disease or decay, is upsetting. Luckily, Porter Dental Health Clinic offers a complete range of solutions, including prosthetic appliances called dentures. Available in full or partial sets, dentures recreate the look of a complete set of natural teeth. Dentures allow you to eat, speak and smile just like you did before tooth loss.

Today’s dentures are much lighter and more comfortable than older models. They are molded to the unique contours and ridges of your mouth and designed to restore complete dental function.

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What Is the Process of Getting Dentures?

The first step toward getting your own set of dentures is to discuss your needs and goals with Porter Dental Health Clinic. He examines your gums, supporting bone and any remaining teeth before recommending an appropriate plan of action. Porter Dental Health Clinic may suggest removing any remaining teeth that are loose or damaged or correcting any bony ridges that could throw off the stability of your dentures.

After determining the treatment plan, Porter Dental Health Clinic takes impressions of your gums that are used to construct your dentures. Complete dentures replace all of the teeth in the lower arch; partial dentures replace clusters of missing teeth and are built around the existing natural teeth. Sending the impressions to the dental lab that constructs your dentures ensures that the prosthetics fit the unique ridges and crevices of your mouth. Porter Dental Health Clinic can place an immediate, temporary denture so you do not need to go toothless at any point in the process.

After the dental laboratory has made your custom dentures, Drs. Porter or Warren tries them on in your mouth. They fit over your gums; lower dentures are shaped similar to a horseshoe and upper dentures cover the roof of your mouth. Porter Dental Health Clinic checks the fit and your bite and makes any final modifications if necessary.

Implant-Supported Dentures

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You can expect a slight adjustment period as you get used to biting, chewing and speaking with your new dentures. Porter Dental Health Clinic will share information about cleaning and storing your dentures when you are not wearing them. Occasionally, they may need to be relined or repaired.

A lot of Porter Dental Health Clinic’s patients describe frustration with loose-fitting dentures. They worry their dentures will slip around or fall out as they enjoy a meal or socialize with friends; this perpetual worry or stress can interfere with quality of life.

Anchoring dentures to a set of implant posts is an incredible way to add security and stability to the dentures. Four to six implant posts are placed throughout the jaw, and the dentures clip onto the tops of the posts. The implants keep the dentures securely in place and prevent any shifting or sliding around, and any popping or clicking noises.

Learn More About Dentures

If you would like more information about getting your own pair of dentures or having your dentures secured to implant posts, Drs. Porter and Warren invite you to schedule a visit at Porter Dental Health Clinic. You can call or send us an email today to request an appointment.



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