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Why Some Children Are Afraid of the Dentist

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Kids, by nature, are afraid of many things. While dentists would like to think they aren’t as terrifying as monsters in the closet, the truth is that nearly one in five kids express fear about visiting the dentist. What makes matters worse is that, for many people, this fear continues into adulthood.

For as friendly as Dr. Lance Porter and Dr. Will Warren are, they are accustomed to interacting with young patients who have an unfounded fear. They recognize that it is important to diminish this fear so that kids can start a lifetime of maintaining healthy teeth.

Why Are Some Kids Afraid of the Dentist?

The leading reason that kids are scared is that they are apprehensive about pain. Some have had an uncomfortable procedure in the past and now associate all dentist trips with that discomfort. Others have never had a bad experience personally but have seen a frightening dentist scene in a movie or TV show and have adopted that way of thinking anyway.

Another big reason is that kids can have an aversion to sounds. The whirring of dental tools or scraping noise that occurs during a cleaning can irritate kids with sensory issues. These noises may not sound “healthy” even if the treatments are being performed to help their teeth.

Some children also learn this behavior from their parents. Parents who exhibit their own fears and displeasure with going to the dentist should be aware that they could be influencing how their kids feel, too.

Finally, some kids are afraid of the dentist because they’ve visited an unfriendly dentist. To be blunt, not all doctors are skilled at interacting with children. If a child does not feel comfortable with a dentist, their anxiety is likely to rise.

How Our Dental Office Can Help

Porter Dental Health Clinic sees many young patients. Both of our dentists are parents, which makes it easier for us to communicate and show respect to kids. Their friendliness goes a long way toward keeping children at ease while having their teeth cleaned.

One of the best ways that parents can show their children that attending the dentist is safe is by modeling this behavior on their own. By scheduling your own dental appointment at the same time as your child, your child will better understand that all people need their teeth checked. This is a benefit of seeing a dentist who treats adult and pediatric patients.

Schedule Your Child’s Next Appointment

Oral health is far too important to allow kids’ fears to go unaddressed. When you bring your child to kind, talented dentists like Dr. Porter and Dr. Warren, your child should have a positive attitude toward dentistry and keeping up their daily brushing habits. To schedule an appointment, please call (501) 624-2778 today.

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