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White teeth or Joe? A choice you don’t have to make.

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Let’s be honest: there are few things in your life you can count on. Relationships come and go, job security is rare, and even your best of friends occasionally let you down. But, amid all the uncertainty life dishes up, there is one thing that never fails you: coffee.

Back in high school, when you pulled an all-nighter studying for that Trigonometry test that meant the difference between passing or failing the entire class — coffee was there for you.

In college, when you couldn’t sleep for weeks after your first true love dumped you — coffee kept you going.

And after you had your first child and learned what sleep deprivation was really about (and that it would now be regular part of rest of your life) coffee warmly greeted you every morning — and sometimes in the afternoon— and has been there for your ever since.

In fact, coffee is so reliable you could say you carry it with you everywhere you go, and are reminded of it every time your smile. Yes, that light yellowish-brown tint to your teeth is proof that coffee is your ever faithful companion, and while you appreciate all that it has done for you, you find yourself wincing at your smiling image in every photo and have started covering your mouth when you laugh.

Don’t despair; you don’t have to abandon your bestie to get your beautiful smile back. There are a multitude of teeth whitening options that will give you back your smile and allow you to keep your cup of Joe — for good.

 Teeth Whitening

There are several teeth bleaching options that can whiten your smile by eight to 14 shades in a short amount of time. The three main approaches are:

  • Over-the-counter teeth bleaching kits: Some surface stains can be removed with whitening toothpastes and over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits. Kits come in a variety of options including whitening strips and mouthguards filled with gel. They are done at home under no supervision.
  • Dentist-provided at-home teeth bleaching: Your dentist provides you with a teeth-bleaching gel and a customized mouthguard to put it in. You are then assigned a teeth-bleaching regimen to follow. Results are achieved in 10 to 14 days — a little longer than the in-office option— but the process takes place within the comfort and convenience of your own home.
  • In-office teeth bleaching: During your office visit, your dentist applies a teeth-bleaching agent to your teeth and then uses a whitening lamp to accelerate the bleaching process. Standard visits last 90 minutes.

There are pros and cons to both over-the-counter and professional whitening options. The over-the-counter options are less expensive and can be done in the comfort of your home without the hassle of scheduling office visits. While convenient, these approaches are limited and can be painful or cause tooth and gum sensitivities. Professional-grade products are needed to remove deeper stains and to treat individuals with sensitive teeth and gums.

Whitening treatments that are done at a dentist’s office can be more expensive and require scheduling visits, however they can achieve a brighter shade of white in far less time. There are also whitening options for patients with sensitive teeth and gums. Some of the professional teeth bleaching systems dentists offer today are:

KöR® Deep Bleaching: This treatment will give you your brightest smile. Using custom-fit, specially fabricated whitening trays that seal in the bleaching agent, your treatment is completed in just two visits. The trays are designed to protect your gum area so that there is no irritation.

ZOOM! Whitening: This is a one-visit whitening procedure that takes less than an hour and provides results that are equal to that of the 10- to 14-day systems. Your dentist applies the ZOOM! teeth-bleaching gel to your teeth and uses the ZOOM! light to help the gel penetrate deep stains. The gel stays on your teeth for approximately 15 minutes.

BriteSmile®: This system is known for being gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. It’s perfect for patients who have a hard time tolerating stronger treatments. It is a one- hour, laser-based whitening procedure, plus take-home teeth-whitening products. It can brighten teeth up to 14 shades with lasting results. During the procedure, Your dentist uses a special peroxide gel that is pH-balanced, compatible with tooth enamel, and formulated to respond to the blue wavelength of a special activation lamp. The treatments are completed in three separate 20-minute visits, with the goal of getting your teeth as white as possible.
If your teeth aren’t their brightest call(501) 624-2778 today and find out more about how you get your youthful, white smile back while continuing to enjoying the foods and drinks you love the most.

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