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When Is the Right Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop. They typically emerge between the ages of 17 to 21. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth are prone to problems. When problems arise, a common remedy is removal. Here, Dr. Lance Porter and Dr. Will Warren of Porter Dental Health Clinic describe when it is the right time for wisdom teeth removal.

Mouth Pain

A common sign that it may be time for wisdom teeth removal is mouth pain. If you notice pain in the back of your mouth, it may be an issue with your wisdom teeth.

A common cause of mouth pain is impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth occur when your wisdom teeth become trapped in your gums or jawbone. This can cause pain in your mouth, jaw and face. The sooner the issue is resolved via teeth removal, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your pain-free life.

Tooth Infections or Cavities

Impacted wisdom teeth can also develop infections or cavities. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, the gum tissue may become swollen and develop gum disease. This is bad for your oral health and overall well-being. If your wisdom teeth suffer from infections or cavities, then it may be time to have them removed.

Overcrowded Teeth

Your mouth can get crowded. The more teeth you have, the less space your teeth have. If your wisdom teeth are trying to emerge in an already crowded space, it is unlikely that they will be able to move into their correct position. This can cause issues for other teeth in your mouth. The only way to resolve this issue is by removing the wisdom teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

As discussed above, impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain and problems for your mouth and other teeth. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, then it is most likely time for wisdom teeth removal.

After a Comprehensive Dental Exam

The only way to know for sure if it is time for wisdom teeth removal is to undergo a comprehensive dental exam. A comprehensive dental exam can monitor the development of wisdom teeth and reveal any underlying issues. It can also confirm the presence of impacted wisdom teeth and reveal the potential cause of any of the above issues like mouth pain. 

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