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5 Oral Health Troubles Translated — and Solutions for Healthy, Beautiful Teeth!

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A sudden, sharp pain when you take a bite out of your breakfast roll, bleeding gums when you brush, a loose tooth long after your baby teeth have all fallen out — these common dental issues could be your mouth’s way of telling you something’s not quite right. Fortunately, most oral health issues can be addressed and fixed before they become serious conditions if identified and dealt with early on.

The following are five oral health troubles translated, along with steps you can take to regain your beautiful, healthy smile.

Sudden tooth pain when biting down: Pain that occurs for more than a week could be a result of tooth decay or cavities. When holes in teeth caused by acid get deep, they can cause sensitivity and pain, and can eventually result in cavities. Call your provider and schedule an appointment as soon as you can. Porcelain fillings can prevent the decay from spreading and even save your tooth.

Yellow or darkened teeth: If you have recently noticed that your teeth appear to be yellow, the good news is that this type of discoloration is rarely an indicator of a serious underlying problem. It has most likely occurred as a result of stains caused by food and drink, such as coffee, tea, and blueberries. There are several whitening treatments that can be executed in-office or at home, giving you back your beautiful, bright smile in only one to 14 days. It’s best to visit your provider to verify the cause behind the stain if the discoloration is dark or patchy. This could be an indicator of cavities or more serious tooth conditions.

Mouth sores: Everyone experiences one now and again. They are painful, embarrassing, and can make simple tasks like eating and speaking difficult. Mouth sores commonly result from eating too much citrus, as well as from hormones, stress, vitamin deficiencies, or injuries caused by hot or sharp foods; fortunately, they will likely disappear within two or three days. If they don’t, or if you have fluid-filled sores on your lips, you could be suffering from cold sores. These take longer to heal and are contagious while still visible. Contact your provider for dental treatment and care. It’s also a good idea to ask your provider for an oral cancer screening.

Loose secondary teeth: If you begin to notice a tooth or teeth becoming loose or crooked, this could be a serious sign that you are suffering from an advanced case of periodontal disease that is causing bone loss around your teeth. Insufficient brushing and flossing can lead to bacteria forming plaque on your teeth, which eventually turns into tartar and spreads to your gums and bones. Call your provider immediately when experiencing these symptoms.

Cracks and cuts in the corners: Cracks and cuts that appear in the corners of your mouth are caused by a different condition than the lesions that occur inside your mouth and on your lips. The name for this condition is angular cheilitis, and it is most often caused by a fungal or bacterial infection, or nutritional deficiencies. When cuts occur on both sides of the mouth, it is a sure sign that you are suffering from this condition. Topical medications can help relieve the condition, and your provider may be able to suggest some supplements or dietary changes that help as well.

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