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5 Benefits of Digital X-Rays

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While most dental offices incorporate X-rays into their dental examinations, not all practices are as committed to updating their technology like Porter Dental Health Clinic. Dr. Lance Porter and Dr. Will Warren utilize digital X-ray equipment to best assess the health of their patients’ mouths and provide superior care. In this blog, they discuss why having digital X-ray capabilities is so beneficial for their patients.

1. Catching Hidden Problems

Patients are often oblivious to problems with their oral health because the symptoms are slight and not visible. While Dr. Porter and Dr. Warren meticulously scrutinize your oral health during a biannual examination, not all problems that need treatment can be spotted with the naked eye. X-rays make up that gap by finding issues that include cavities, tooth decay, problems beneath the gumline, impacted teeth, bone loss, dental anomalies, tumors, abscesses and cysts.

2. Improved Safety

Porter Dental Health Clinic’s digital X-rays utilize 80% less radiation than traditional X-ray machines. While even regular machines emit a safe, non-harmful level of radiation, using less radiation is obviously preferable for most patients.

3. Crisp, Large Images

Digital X-ray images are more detailed than standard X-ray pictures. They make it easier for Dr. Porter and Dr. Warren to detect problems with the teeth and bone. Technology allows them to zoom in on certain areaswhich  further allows them to diagnose even subtle and emerging signs of trouble.

4. Digital Files Can Be Sent Immediately

As soon as a dental professional takes an X-ray, a high-quality image is saved to the computer. This is great for record-keeping since it stays in your patient file and can be checked again instantaneously during future appointments. These files can also be sent right away to another dental specialist or insurance company for faster processing and assistance.

5. Included in Standard Care

Some patients mistakenly believe that X-rays are a costly “extra” service. On the contrary, annual X-rays are considered a standard part of general and preventive dental care. Most dental insurance plans help cover X-rays, so it should not be as burdensome.. Moreover, Porter Dental Health Clinic’s Kleer Membership Plan (which makes general dental care affordable without needing an insurance policy) also covers routine X-rays. 

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Digital X-ray technology is just one component of the top-notch care provided by Dr. Porter and Dr. Warren. Our entire team is committed to helping our patients have strong teeth and gums for their entire lives. To make an appointment at our office in Hot Springs, AR, please call (501) 624-2778.

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