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4 Frequent Misconceptions About Porcelain Veneers

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Some people have misperceptions of porcelain veneers due to misinformation that has been passed around. Though they are popular, they are not well understood.

Don’t let myths or misunderstandings hold you back from realizing the full potential of a gorgeous smile! Naturally, the best source of accurate information on veneers is the experts themselves — including Dr. Lance Porter and Dr. Will Warren of Porter Dental Health Clinic.

Now to dispel some of the most common misconceptions:

Misconception #1: The Upkeep Is Grueling

Many people assume that veneers require special attention, when in fact the oral caretaking routine remains pretty standard. Patients should brush and floss their veneers as they would normal teeth to keep them looking great. That’s right, the best way to keep veneers stain-free is to brush them — for a lot of folks, veneers are a second chance to maintain pearly whites.

Misconception #2: Veneers Are Just Used to Cover Discoloration

Certainly, a lot of patients request veneers to conceal the yellowing on their natural teeth, but that’s hardly their only purpose. Other patients seek veneers to cover up cracks, jagged edges or slight gaps between their teeth. Some people just feel self-conscious about the small size of their teeth and use veneers to give their teeth a larger appearance.

Please be aware that although a veneer can cover up an imperfect tooth, it cannot replace a tooth that is missing altogether. For that, you should ask the doctor about implant options.

Misconception #3: Veneers Cover All of Your Teeth

While some patients will opt to cover all of their teeth for uniformity’s sake, most patients don’t go for a full set. It is common for people to get veneers on just their front teeth as the focal point of their mouths, but some people opt to put veneers over specific cracked or misshapen teeth.

Misconception #4: Veneers Are Temporary

Actually, so long as patients avoid certain bad habits like chewing on pens, veneers are quite durable and tend to last about a decade before needing to be replaced. Consider them a long-term investment rather than a momentary luxury.

In that respect, veneers are also a commitment. After teeth have been prepped for veneers, they require a permanent covering — if not with another veneer, a crown will do the trick.

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