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DIAGNOdent Exams

Identifying hidden threats to your oral health as early as possible allows your Hot Springs dentist help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile throughout your lifetime. As part of Porter Dental Health Clinic’s commitment to providing excellence in oral health, we are now using the DIAGNOdent Classic to aid in the detection of dental caries (tooth decay and cavities). The DIAGNOdent Classic is cutting-edge laser technology that takes the guesswork out of the diagnosis and treatment of unclear or hidden cases of caries.

The DIAGNOdent Classic is a handheld, pen-shaped light probe device that is attached to a display unit with laser fiber-optic tubing. Using a wavelength of 655 nanometers to explore the condition of the patient’s teeth, the DIAGNOdent Classic identifies instances of caries that are hidden, or in their earliest stages, when they fluoresce as the light probe passes over them, resulting in low scale readings on the display as well as an audio signal. The following are just some of the benefits the DIAGNOdent offers:

• Provides early detection of decay
• Enables detection of hidden caries
• 90% accurate rate of diagnosis
• Allows provider to take the most conservative approach to treatment
• No x-ray exposure
• Audio alert allows the provider to focus on the patient
• Simple, fast, and painless examination
• High level of patient satisfaction

Call your Hot Springs dentist today at (501) 624-2778 to find out how you can benefit from an examination using the DIAGNOdent Classic. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health and a naturally beautiful smile.